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Reward offered in death of Los Angeles rider

A 18-year old man was killed while riding his bicycle in the Los Angeles area. It was reported that a Mercedes-Benz had blown through and red light and struck the bicycle rider. The driver of the motor vehicle did not stop and instead fled the scene of the crash.

These sorts of incidents are unfortunately all too common. What is unique about this particular bicycle accident are the actions of Los Angeles officials. The city of Los Angeles has since offered a $50,000 reward for any information that can lead to the arrest and conviction of the driver in question.

The vehicle that struck the bicycle rider may have been shown on a surveillance video. The vehicle in question appeared like a gray or silver Mercedes-Benz SUV, and it also appears that a passenger was inside of that vehicle as well.

The incident apparently caused outrage among many individuals. This may be in part because the driver did not stop to provide any assistance. We may never know if any such assistance would have actually helped the bicycle rider survive, but there is always a chance that timely medical assistance could have saved this individual.

Hopefully, the city's actions will bring about results. When these sorts of cases are left unresolved, family members often find themselves experiencing the loss of a loved one and also suffering financial loss as well in medical bills, wage loss and funeral expenses.

Please visit a personal injury attorney for assistance if you or family members are victims of a hit-and-run accident. These attorneys can provide their own independent assessment as to what occurred, and can also provide various options for recovery of compensation.

Source: NBC Los Angeles, "Los Angeles Offers $50,000 Reward in Deadly Hit-and-Run Case That Killed 18-Year Old," by Brandon Lowrey and Samantha Tata, April 30, 2013