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May 2013 Archives

Legal limit fails to prevent thousands of fatal car accidents

Sometimes people assume they are safe to drive even after they have consumed alcohol. This may stem from the fact that it is legal to drive with a blood-alcohol content level below 0.08 percent in California. Research shows, however, that people who test below the legal limit may still be at an increased risk for getting in a car accident.

California man dies in court, Wells Fargo sued for wrongful death

When a large company makes a mistake in California, they sometimes avoid admitting the error. This can be frustrating, stressful and time consuming for the customer who was wronged. Occasionally, this extreme stress can lead to health issues or even death. When this occurs, the company may face a court battle.

Restaurant sued after fatal car accident

When a car accident occurs in California and alcohol is involved, who is to blame? The person who made the foolish decision to drive a vehicle while intoxicated obviously shoulders a great deal of responsibility. A recent lawsuit highlights the fact that the driver may not be the only one held liable for the car accident, however.

Eight dogs under investigation for attack in Los Angeles

A pet owner is responsible for ensuring the safety of all people who come into contact with their animal. If a dog is prone to attacking humans, the owner must ensure that the dog is controlled at times when people could be near. This may include leashes, fences, or other restraining measures. When dog owners fail to live up to this responsibility, a serious dog attack may occur.

Michael Jackson’s mother sues AEG Live for wrongful death

When a family member or loved one dies unexpectedly, it is often difficult to know where to turn. This is especially true when the death could have been avoided. Fortunately, there is legal recourse for people in California who lose family members due to the negligence of another person or company. A wrongful death claim can be filed to determine if a second party is responsible for the death.

Study: distracted driving causes more car accidents than we think

It is no secret that distracted driving can lead to broken traffic laws and serious accidents. Cellphones are estimated to be one of the most common causes of distracted driving. Many states, including California, have laws that regulate when it is okay for drivers to use cellphones, however, there is not a single state that restricts all cellphone usage while driving. Some people speculate that it would be easier to pass state laws restricting the use of cellphones behind the wheel if cell phone usage during a fatal car accident was properly reported.  

Car chase leads to a deadly crash in Los Angeles

When people behave recklessly on the road, they sometimes think they are only putting their own lives at risk.  This is true of driving under the influence of alcohol, breaking the speed limit, running a red light, and a host of other unsafe behaviors. This thinking cannot be further from the truth, however. When a driver acts negligently they are risking the safety and well-being of everyone around them.

Street racing blamed for fatal Los Angeles crash

It appears that street racing may be to blame for an accident that killed one driver and damaged at least 8 different cars. It was reported that the driver killed was not involved in the street racing in any way and seems to have just been at the wrong place at the wrong time.

Reward offered in death of Los Angeles rider

A 18-year old man was killed while riding his bicycle in the Los Angeles area. It was reported that a Mercedes-Benz had blown through and red light and struck the bicycle rider. The driver of the motor vehicle did not stop and instead fled the scene of the crash.