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USC student killed after another driver runs a red light

A 22-year old University of California student was apparently killed when the Ford Mustang that she was a passenger in was struck by an SUV that ran a red light. The driver of the Mustang was also injured in the accident, but he is expected to recover. Also, the driver of the SUV was hospitalized due to injuries suffered from the crash, but was expected to be arrested in regards to her conduct that led to this fatal car accident.

Police planned on continuing their investigation into the matter. Part of their investigation concerned finding out whether alcohol played a role in this accident.

There are any numbers of ways individuals can be injured in car accidents, but drivers nevertheless do not always take their duties to operate vehicles safely seriously. In any case, a failure to obey a traffic signal is almost certainly going to lead to a serious traffic accident.

Sadly, recovery for personal injury victims is seldom a simple matter. Though violations of traffic laws can be used as evidence in civil cases where injuries or fatalities have occurred, the attorneys representing the victims still are required to prove that such a violation in some manner caused the accident to happen. And even if causation is proven, the defendant in the matter may still claim that they were only partially to blame for the accident.

The young woman killed in this crash was described as an electrical engineering student that came from China to study here, and was also on the University of Southern California dean's list. The price tag for such a loss is too high.

Source: laist.com, "USC Student Killed in St. Patrick's Day Car Crash," March 19, 2013

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