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Three die in Los Angeles area car accident

Three individuals were killed in a car crash in Mission Hills, Los Angeles apparently due to the actions taken by a suspected drunken driver. Law enforcement authorities reported that the driver of a Honda Accord lost control of his vehicle and slammed it into a Chevy Volt near Rinaldi Street and Laurel Canyon Boulevard.

The driver of the Honda, who was suspected of being under the influence, and two passengers in the vehicle died while the driver of the volt was taken to the hospital with minor injuries. All three individuals that died were 35-years of age.

This appears to simply have been an accident waiting to happen. We constantly hear of accidents where someone that had been drinking had decided to get behind the wheel. Yet though such incidents are anything but unusual, the consequences are often extremely tragic.

Law enforcement efforts alone will not be sufficient to deal with the problem of drinking and driving. Advertising, education, safety campaigns and harsher criminal penalties pertaining to DUIs have been tried, but drunken driving accidents continue.

Attorneys experienced in helping families deal with the wrongful death of a loved one will seek a number of avenues for the family to recover. It's difficult to know from the facts concerning this particular crash whether anyone else besides the driver of the Honda was at fault. However, such attorneys will attempt to determine whether others could be held accountable - such as bartenders that did not cut the driver off.

Families deserve to be compensated for their loss in any case - especially when the loss was due to someone else's reckless behavior.

Source: ABC Local, "Mission Hills car crash: 3 people killed," March 31, 2013

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