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Motorcycle patrol officer injured in accident

A California Highway Patrol (CHP) Motorcycle Officer was seriously injured in a recent crash. Witnesses reported a Mercedes pulling out of a shopping center and directly into the path of the officer.

It does not appear that the officer was speeding at the time that the accident occurred. However, the impact was severe enough that apparently the officer went airborne and flipped over immediately after the crash occurred. Another officer investigating the crash stated that the driver of the Mercedes apparently did not see the officer before entering the roadway. Fortunately, it does appear that the officer will survive his injuries.

Many drivers report not seeing motorcycles before such accidents occur. Though motorcycles are undoubtedly more difficult to see than certain other vehicles on the road, drivers nevertheless need to pay attention because such riders are undoubtedly there.

Traffic officials have for years been trying to make drivers on the road aware of the presence of motorcycles on the roads, but motorcycles are continually cut off in traffic in much the same manner as occurred here. Motorcycles share the road with other vehicles and yet are at an enormous disadvantage because of the weight and size of the vehicles that they are operating. A rider involved in such an accident also has little chance of escaping serious injury and the injuries are often catastrophic.

Because of this, motorcycle riders injured can benefit from the advice of lawyers experienced in litigating motorcycle accidents. No matter how careful a motorcycle rider is on the road, there is little that such a rider can do in the face of other drivers pulling in front of them, failing to yield or simply not paying attention.

Source: CBS Sacramento, "CHP Motorcycle Officer Hurt in Crash On Sacramento Street," March 5, 2013

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