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Follow up on California woman recovering from recent dog attack

We recently wrote about the California woman rescued in a dog attack by a man carrying a baseball bat. Further details concerning this attack have now been released.

The woman in question apparently had fears that she was going to die at the time that a pit bull attacked her. During the attack, the dog bit her thigh, calves and her arms. She also broke her ribs after falling during the attack.

The woman said she was screaming for help as the attack occurred. A female bystander called 911, but it was a neighbor from across the street that used the baseball bat upon the pit bull. The victim credits the man with saving her life. The woman was taken to a local medical center regarding a number of deep cuts and lacerations. Recovery will likely be slow.

It's because such attacks are associated with major trauma and injury that personal injury and premises liability will represent victims in dog bite cases. Dog owners need to be held accountable for not keeping better control of their pets.

What is significant about the woman's description of this dog attack was its rapidity. From the way the attack is described, a 911 call would not have prevented the woman from being fatally mauled. She was rescued only because a neighbor was available and who was willing to put himself at risk to save her.

Many people associate dog bite stories with a bite on the ankle that never pierces the skin. However, we are seeing again and again stories of dog bite incidents where the animal in question is relentless in attack.

Source: CBS Los Angeles, "San Jacinto Woman Relates Story of Near Fatal Pit Bull Attack," March 22, 2013

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