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April 2013 Archives

California pedestrian deaths result in $15 million verdict

A family in California was awarded $15 million in a wrongful death lawsuit that took place in Kern County north of the Long Beach area. It was reported that the deaths of a 55-year old woman and her 28-year old daughter were caused by a big rig striking them as the two made their way across the street.

Charges brought in death of 22-year old motorcycle rider

A 22-year old motorcycle rider from El Segundo was reportedly killed by a drunk driver. The motorcycle rider was returning home from work when he was struck by the driver of the other vehicle on the Century (105) Freeway, and the motorcyclist's body became pinned between the vehicle and a concrete divider.

USC student killed after another driver runs a red light

A 22-year old University of California student was apparently killed when the Ford Mustang that she was a passenger in was struck by an SUV that ran a red light. The driver of the Mustang was also injured in the accident, but he is expected to recover. Also, the driver of the SUV was hospitalized due to injuries suffered from the crash, but was expected to be arrested in regards to her conduct that led to this fatal car accident.

Driver pleads guilty regarding bicycle rider's death

We previously wrote about a Newport Beach doctor that was killed while riding her bicycle. Since then, a driver pleaded guilty in Orange County Superior Court to striking and killing this bicycle rider, and then fleeing the scene of the accident.

Three die in Los Angeles area car accident

Three individuals were killed in a car crash in Mission Hills, Los Angeles apparently due to the actions taken by a suspected drunken driver. Law enforcement authorities reported that the driver of a Honda Accord lost control of his vehicle and slammed it into a Chevy Volt near Rinaldi Street and Laurel Canyon Boulevard.

NFL being sued regarding concussions in California

The case against the National Football League (NFL) concerning concussions suffered by football players was filed more than a year ago. There has also been two wrongful death lawsuits filed on behalf of former player Junior Seau that have been consolidated with this class-action concussion litigation.