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Police conclusion regarding bicyclist fatal crash debated

A 14-year old California girl was killed during a bicycle crash while riding to school. Though the police have performed an investigation concerning this matter and concluded that the young girl was at fault, the attorney for the family of the young girl feels that there are problems concerning the manner in which the police concluded this accident occurred.

It seems that the young girl was following along on a designated bike lane when the accident happened. The bike lane also led towards the school in which she attended. Apparently, both the girl on her bicycle and the truck involved in the accident were approaching the same intersection from the same direction. The truck driver reportedly turned on the signal to make a turn. 

As the truck made the right turn, the girl apparently proceeded to turn in the same direction along the bicycle path. Unfortunately, possibly because there was not enough room for the girl to maneuver, she ended up coming in contact with the truck.

The family has not since brought a lawsuit concerning the accident, but the attorney is conducting an independent investigation into how the accident occurred. The concerns of the family are understandable in that there is always the possibility that such a death could have been avoided.

Attorneys can at least assist families to see if there was anything that could have been done to prevent this accident. Especially when it comes to children, drivers do need look out for bicyclists being on the road. And there is a possibility that the design of the bicycle lane in conjunction with the roadway was improper, or that other factors contributed to the accident as well.

Source: San Meteo County Times, "Redwood City bicyclist, 14, at fault in collision that killed her, police say," by Joshua Melvin, March 22, 2013

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