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Off-duty California police officer killed in fatal accident

A wrongful death lawsuit was filed by the family of a California police officer. The officer was off duty when the Honda Accord he was driving was apparently rear-ended by a semi-tractor trailer.

The lawsuit was filed against the driver and the driver's employer. The officer left behind a wife and an infant daughter, and the lawsuit has been filed by an attorney on their behalf.

Truck companies have a duty of safety. When such companies disregard such concerns, injured parties have every right to retain an attorney and to file a personal injury lawsuit.

Attorneys that have studied past truck accidents can often reconstruct what has occurred. Such accidents are complex, and often law enforcement officers do not have the resources to conduct an in depth investigation of what actually occurred. Because of the size of the vehicle, because of what it carries, and because the consequences of what can occur in a truck crash is so severe, truck accidents are much more complex than the normal motor vehicle accident.

Experienced personal injury attorneys understand the complexity of such crashes, and the costs that can ensue after a crash occurred. For example, it is very difficult for most individuals to calculate the costs for a young child that has lost her parent. Not only will she be deprived of income that the father would provide, the young daughter will lose out on the lessons that such a father could provide.

Experienced attorneys are familiar with the individual circumstances of family members, and can evaluate the circumstances in which one experiences loss due to a parent or spouse dying in a fatal accident.

Source: Oakdale Leader, "Lawsuit Filed in Officer's Off Duty Death," by Richard Paloma, Feb. 26, 2013

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