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Motorcyclist in Los Angeles killed at intersection

A fatal motorcycle accident was reported by the Valley Traffic Division. The accident occurred on Roscoe Boulevard at Yarmouth Avenue in Northridge of Los Angeles.

The 37-year old motorcycle rider was apparently driving eastbound on Roscoe when a Ford Van attempted to make a left turn in front of him. The rider then collided with the van and was critically injured.

We hear about motorcycle accidents happening in this same manner over and over again. A large number of these accidents occur at intersections where the motorcycle is cut off. This happens either because the driver of the vehicle was not paying attention to motorcycles being on the road, or the driver was simply in a hurry to negotiate the turn.

It's not surprising that a large number of accidents of this type turn out to be fatal. The injuries that motorcycle riders are often extremely debilitating and require a long time for recovery. And though motorcycles have the same right to be on the road as other vehicles, other drivers often do not give these riders sufficient attention or respect.

There are personal injury attorneys that confine a great deal of their practice to representing injured motorcycle riders. These attorneys will generally come out to the scene and recreate how these accidents occur. Perhaps just as importantly, they will attempt to make certain that any compensation received will be adequate when considering the devastating consequences of the rider's injuries.

Motorcycle riders, like bicycle riders and pedestrians, are present on the roadways along with other motor vehicle operators. These other drivers have a duty to keep an eye out for such individuals.

Source: The Guardian Express, "Los Angeles: Fatal Motorcycle accident," March 1, 2013

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