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Long Beach freeway crash results in 2 deaths

A 29-year old woman and 22-year old man apparently were killed while inspecting the damage to their vehicles. A subsequent accident resulted in the shutdown that resulted in these two individuals deaths also caused the closing of the 710 Long Beach Freeway for approximately three hours.

The two individuals killed had earlier been involved in a separate accident and had pulled over to the side of the freeway. While they and a 17-year old passenger were looking over the damage to their vehicles, a 1999 Honda Civic apparently slowed down while approaching the accident scene. Unfortunately, the Civic was subsequently rear-ended by a Chrysler Town and Country, and the Civic was then forced into these three individuals. 

Apparently, the Civic was struck so forcefully that it was spun around before striking the center divider where the three individuals were standing. Besides killing the two individuals, the 17-year old pedestrian, also from Long Beach suffered major injuries as well. The driver of the Civic suffered minor injuries in the mishap.

With the amount of traffic we have on our California highways, every driver must remain attentive. As this incident demonstrates, even a possibly minor lapse of attention can result in catastrophic injuries. Accidents do occur, and we must be certain to provide those involved in an accident room so that something worse does not happen.

If you or someone you know are injured in a car accident, you may wish to speak to a personal injury attorney that can help seek compensation. As the above accident demonstrates, car accidents can involve a number of different parties and it's sometimes difficult to know who should or should not be responsible for what resulted.

Source: Long Beach Post, "Fatal 4-Car Crash Shuts Down 710 in Both Directions," by Sarah Bennett, March 17, 2013

See our Long Beach lawyers' website for more information as to what to do if you are injured in a car accident.

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