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Bystanders protect 76-year old victim during pit bull attack

A pit bull recently attacked a 76-year old woman in San Jacinto, California, and she may have only been saved because of two bystanders that fought the dog off with a baseball bat and a golf club. "I was just hitting him in the body, but the dog wouldn't let go," said one of these two individuals.

The woman did suffer severe puncture wounds that required medical attention. The woman had only recently moved into the neighborhood when this attack occurred.

This is only one of several recent reports of pit bull attacks in the Los Angeles and Long Beach area. One man had to shoot two pit bulls to keep them from killing a woman and her horse. In another attack, a 91-year old California woman died as the result of being attacked by two pit bulls.

The pit bull that attacked the 76-year old woman is currently being quarantined, and it appears likely that the dog will be euthanized. The owner of the pit bull claimed not to have been home when the dog attacked the woman. He did describe the pit bull as being "playful," however.

Hopefully, the pit bull owner learned a lesson from what occurred. Many animals involved in attacks are labeled playful or gentle by their owners. These animals are often not secured properly, or they are allowed to come into contact with individuals that may be unaware of the animal's disposition.

Personal injury attorneys will represent individuals injured in such attacks. Often, homeowners and their insurance companies will ultimately be held accountable for compensating those that are injured.

Source: NBC Southern California, "Pit Bull Attacks Woman, Bystanders Hit Dog With Baseball Bats," by Christina Cocca, March 6, 2013

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