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March 2013 Archives

Police conclusion regarding bicyclist fatal crash debated

A 14-year old California girl was killed during a bicycle crash while riding to school. Though the police have performed an investigation concerning this matter and concluded that the young girl was at fault, the attorney for the family of the young girl feels that there are problems concerning the manner in which the police concluded this accident occurred.

Long Beach freeway crash results in 2 deaths

A 29-year old woman and 22-year old man apparently were killed while inspecting the damage to their vehicles. A subsequent accident resulted in the shutdown that resulted in these two individuals deaths also caused the closing of the 710 Long Beach Freeway for approximately three hours.

California nursing home implicated in patient's death

A California jury ruled that one of the nation's largest assisted living facilities company, Emeritus Corp., was guilty of wrongful death and elder abuse. The lawsuit resolves around an 82-year old patient with Alzheimer's disease that left a facility owned by Emeritus while apparently suffering from four major bedsores. The bedsores were considered a major factor in the woman's death shortly after her release.

Bystanders protect 76-year old victim during pit bull attack

A pit bull recently attacked a 76-year old woman in San Jacinto, California, and she may have only been saved because of two bystanders that fought the dog off with a baseball bat and a golf club. "I was just hitting him in the body, but the dog wouldn't let go," said one of these two individuals.

Bicycle rider's leg amputated after accident

A Los Angeles bicycle rider was injured so badly in an accident that his leg had to be amputated. It appears that he was struck by a minivan and then dragged for close to 600 feet. The accident occurred at 11:35 on a Sunday morning.

California pedestrian killed while crossing the street

"California law requires drivers to yield to pedestrians in crosswalks," said a police spokesperson. Nevertheless, one more fatal accident occurred in California when a pedestrian was recently struck at an intersection.

Off-duty California police officer killed in fatal accident

A wrongful death lawsuit was filed by the family of a California police officer. The officer was off duty when the Honda Accord he was driving was apparently rear-ended by a semi-tractor trailer.