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Pit bulls attack horse and rider just outside of Los Angeles

Two pit bulls recently attacked a woman and her horse in San Dimas, California, just east of Los Angeles. To prevent further injuries from occurring, a 24-year old man shot at the two pit bulls and ended up killing one of the dogs.

Fortunately, the woman only suffered minor injuries in the attack. However, the woman's horse suffered a 10-inch wound to its leg.

The attack was severe enough to cause the horse to collapse with the woman still riding on its back. One neighbor tried to fight off the two pit bulls with a flash light, but he was forced to call for help when one of the dogs bit the horse's leg and then refused to let go.

A man then showed up with the rifle while being forced to shoot the dog several times before it would let go. It is believed that the man's actions may have saved the woman's life.

If you have been injured by a dog or other type of pet, you may wish to speak to a personal injury attorney to understand your options. Attorneys that try these sorts of cases understand any number of ways that injured individuals can be compensated by the owner of the pet, or by the owner's insurance company.

When two dogs are not even frightened away by the presence of a horse, we can understand why there is so much concern in California regarding the ownership of pit bulls. Though undoubtedly most pit bulls do not engage in this kind of behavior, those pit bulls that do attack people or other animals are almost impossible to stop.

Source: NBC Los Angeles, "Man Shoots Pit Bulls That Attacked Horse, Rider," by Janet Kwak and Jason Kandel, Feb. 25, 2013

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