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Law enforcement officer blamed for two deaths on roadway

A California law enforcement officer is facing charges of vehicular manslaughter after his vehicle reportedly struck two individuals that were pushing a broken down motorcycle across the road. The two individuals killed were 30 and 24-years old.

Apparently, the law enforcement officer was in pursuit of a stolen vehicle at the time that the accident occurred. According to one California Highway Patrol Officer, the law enforcement officer was driving his vehicle at 80 miles per hour without emergency lights or siren being on when the accident occurred, and that the two individuals killed would not have been guilty of jaywalking. If this was correct, the officer was traveling well above the posted speed limit.

But though it appears that the police officer was primarily responsible for what had occurred, others may be held civilly accountable for what occurred including the officer's employer. Employers, including local and state governments, can be held accountable for the actions of their employees should these actions be a part of their job duties.

Anytime one is injured in a motorcycle accident or any other sort of motor vehicle accident, they may find the assistance of a good personal injury attorney to be invaluable. These attorneys can investigate the matter, determine if other parties can be held accountable, and follow through to insure that injured clients and their families are well compensated.

Pedestrians, bicycle riders and motorcycle operators do have the right to legally be upon the road without putting their own lives in danger. Law enforcement officers in particular should be able to appreciate that fact.

Source: KGET, "Preliminary hearing delayed for deputy charged with accident that killed two pedestrians," Feb. 25, 2013

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