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California soldier reportedly dies due to dietary supplement

A soldier's death is now the center a wrongful death lawsuit brought in California court. It has been asserted that the soldier died of a heart attack during a U.S. Army physical training session after taking what is called Jack3d.

Jack3d is a dietary supplement that contains a substance called DMAA. The complaint filed in this matter claims that DMAA can result in causing heart problems in certain individuals that consume the substance. The manufacturer of Jack3d and the producer of the ingredients that go into Jack3d are both being sued in this matter.

The merits of this wrongful death case will likely be left up to the court and a jury to decide. The attorneys for the family will have to rule out other possible causes of death before a jury can decide against the manufacturer or producer of this product. This could include demonstrating that the soldier was an otherwise healthy individual if not for his taking Jack3d before engaging in the army workouts.

The chances of success of such a lawsuit are much greater if it can be established that the potential dangers of consuming DMAA were known by the defendants. This can involve the sifting through thousands of pages of documents and the retaining of experts that can testify that the defendants knew or should have known that Jack3d presented certain hazards.

Manufacturers often make certain promises about products they make without letting consumers know of possible adverse risks. These manufacturers should not be allowed to market products in this manner without also being held liable for injuries or deaths that come about during normal product use.

Source: CBS 8, "Parents of dead soldier sue diet supplement maker," Feb. 15, 2013

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