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California bicycle fatality occurs at intersection

A 48-year old California woman was killed while riding her bicycle in an area that was also heavily populated with pedestrians. The woman was in a bicycle lane, but she was somehow struck by a cement truck and this resulted in her legs becoming tangled up in the wheelbase of the large motor vehicle.

One witness claimed that the woman was stopped at a red light just before the bicycle accident occurred. When the light turned green, the truck then moved forward, ran the woman over, and this was what caused the woman to be caught up in the truck's wheel.

From reading about what occurred, the accident may have not been the fault of either the truck driver or the bicycle rider. Instead, there is a chance that the configuration of the roads along with a heavily traveled area may have factored into this incident.

The bicycle lane has been described as ending just short of the intersection where this accident occurred. When a bicycle rider advances forward, they will then find themselves in the middle of heavy motorized traffic.

Without actually seeing the intersection, it's impossible to know if the bike lane was poorly designed. However, it does seem like a recipe for disaster when placing bicycles next to large trucks that only provide limited visibility to the driver.

Attorneys that represent individuals injured in bicycle accidents will do what they can to find out what occurred whenever such an accident happens. These attorneys will not limit the victim's options to other drivers on the road that may or may not have played a role in what occurred. Instead, all legal options will be considered.

Source: SF.StreetsBlog.org, "Diana Sullivan, 48, Killed on Bike by Cement Truck Driver at Third and King," by Aaron Bialick, Feb. 11, 2013

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