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Black ice alleged in Los Angeles area accident

A multi-car accident that occurred in the Los Angeles area may have come about due to "black ice." Though a phenomenon not usually associated with Southern California, it is believed that as many as five cars (though there may have been even more vehicles) were involved in the collision that was brought on by the black ice.

One of the cars involved in the car accident overturned, and the Los Angeles Fire Department was called to the early morning crash. The car accident resulted in the full closing of Beverly Glen Boulevard between Ventura Boulevard and Mulholland Drive.

Traffic is especially heavy in the Los Angeles area, and making an accurate determination as to how an accident occurred is not always easy - especially if finding if another driver was at fault. And sometimes determinations are made by law enforcement officers or other city investigators quickly and without the resources of experts that may not be available.

Concerning any car accident where an injury has occurred, it's generally a good idea to speak with a personal injury attorney to see what legal options that you have available. Often, a second look may be needed by an independent team headed up by an attorney that can determine if the original investigation was adequate to determine the accident cause.

Personal injury attorneys can help in other ways besides just providing representation for an injured person at court. These attorneys can also negotiate with insurance companies, interview all the witnesses to a crash, and provide needed resources to an injured person that may be struggling financially while injured or out of work.

Source: Los Angeles Times, "Black ice may be factor in Beverly Crest multi-car crash," Jan. 14, 2013

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