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February 2013 Archives

Law enforcement officer blamed for two deaths on roadway

A California law enforcement officer is facing charges of vehicular manslaughter after his vehicle reportedly struck two individuals that were pushing a broken down motorcycle across the road. The two individuals killed were 30 and 24-years old.

Pit bulls attack horse and rider just outside of Los Angeles

Two pit bulls recently attacked a woman and her horse in San Dimas, California, just east of Los Angeles. To prevent further injuries from occurring, a 24-year old man shot at the two pit bulls and ended up killing one of the dogs.

Driver runs red light and strikes Southern California bus

The driver and two passengers in a bus were recently injured in Montclair after a car reportedly ran a red light. The accident occurred at 11:19 a.m., and the bus in question provided transportation for individuals in San Bernardino County.

California soldier reportedly dies due to dietary supplement

A soldier's death is now the center a wrongful death lawsuit brought in California court. It has been asserted that the soldier died of a heart attack during a U.S. Army physical training session after taking what is called Jack3d.

California bicycle fatality occurs at intersection

A 48-year old California woman was killed while riding her bicycle in an area that was also heavily populated with pedestrians. The woman was in a bicycle lane, but she was somehow struck by a cement truck and this resulted in her legs becoming tangled up in the wheelbase of the large motor vehicle.

Insurance may not cover all dog bite injuries

According to insurance companies, there are 11 breeds of dogs that are considered high risk for dog bites. These same insurance companies paid out approximately $479 million in dog bite claims during 2011 alone - which is $66 million more spent than in 2010.

Black ice alleged in Los Angeles area accident

A multi-car accident that occurred in the Los Angeles area may have come about due to "black ice." Though a phenomenon not usually associated with Southern California, it is believed that as many as five cars (though there may have been even more vehicles) were involved in the collision that was brought on by the black ice.