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Truck driver illegally drives down parkway and strikes motorcycle

Many accidents could have been avoided if certain drivers had simply followed the laws that have been put in place for traffic safety. Unfortunately, not all drivers believe that these laws apply to them.

Apparently, a motorcycle rider in the Los Angeles area was killed because a driver of an 18 wheeler decided to illegally drive his tractor-trailer along the Arroyo Seco Parkway. The 59-year old motorcycle was driving in the number three lane of the parkway when he was cut off by the 18-wheeler, and the Harley Davidson rider was then ejected from his motorcycle.

A spokesperson for the Los Angeles Fire Department described the circumstances of this crash, and stressed how the parkway was never designed for an 18-wheeler to traverse. "The travel lanes on the parkway are barely big enough for cars, let alone a big rig," this individual was quoted as saying.

There may also be more than one party legally responsible for the above accident. An attorney representing the deceased rider's family or next of kin may both go after the truck driver or the trucking company that employed that driver. In any event, these types of suits can be complicated and will require an experienced attorney to find out precisely what occurred.

Considering the disparity in the size of the vehicles, the consequences of this motorcycle accident are unsurprising. Motorcycle riders are too often subject to being struck by other vehicles when other drivers are not watching for their approach. In this particular incident, the motorcycle rider was both cutoff and placed in a circumstance where an accident was likely unavoidable due to the apparent illegal actions of the truck driver.

Source: Highland Park - Mount Washington Patch, "Motorcyclist Dies in 110 Freeway Crash Wednesday," by David Fonseca, Jan. 25, 2013

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