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Epidemic of hit-and-run accidents in Los Angeles

The Los Angeles City Council is concerned that too many hit-and-run cases are occurring, and one member of the council asked that the Los Angeles Police Department come up with a plan as to how to crackdown upon these offenders. A recent probe reported that drivers were fleeing as many as 48 percent of car accidents they were personally involved in. Nationwide, the average is 11 percent.

Los Angeles experiences around 20,000 hit-and-run occurrences every year. At least 4,000 of these accidents results in an injury or death.

There have been complaints about the police not responding adequately to these crashes, and there is also concern that the police keep no meaningful statistics regarding these sorts of accidents. Though there has been a reduction in other sorts of crimes in the L.A. area, the number of hit-and-run accidents occurring remains disproportionately high.

One Los Angeles woman was run down by a BMW and left with a shattered jaw and leg. The woman has claimed that she was never interviewed by police concerning this accident, despite the fact that she vividly recalls how the accident occurred.

Personal injury attorneys will help injured victims investigate these sorts of matters, and will also help these victims seek compensation for their injuries. Though not every perpetrator responsible for these sorts of accidents will be brought to justice, these attorneys will help prevent the victims from suffering even more. Attorneys will help victims recover compensation for medical expenses and lost wages, and will do everything in their power to get these individuals the resources that they badly need.

Source: L.A. Weekly, "L.A. Hit-and-Run Crisis Uncovered by L.A. Weekly Prompts Official Demand for Answers from Charlie Beck and LAPD," by Jill Stewart, Jan. 4, 2013

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