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Driver leaves scene after California bicycle accident

We hear over and over about bicyclists being struck by motor vehicles only to have the driver of the motor vehicle leave the scene of the accident. Such a circumstance happened again where a California bicyclist was struck and thrown from his bicycle, and the driver only stopped for a moment before then leaving the scene.

Fortunately, the bicycle rider was not badly injured. Also, witnesses were able to spot the license number of the car involved in the bicycle accident, and the driver of the car is now facing criminal charges.

Generally, bicycle riders do not fare as well as this rider did. Rather than bumps or bruises, riders often suffer severe fractures or internal injuries, paralysis, and even death.

Of even greater concern are the drivers that choose to leave an injured bicyclist to fend for themselves after an accident has occurred. In some circumstances, delay in receiving medical care results in the exasperating of the injuries suffered.

Personal injury attorneys will attempt to hold such drivers accountable both for the accident that occurred, and for the consequences that would not have been suffered had the driver called for medical care right away. Besides simply proving how the accident occurred and what individual or individuals are at fault, attorneys will also document for the court the extent of injuries suffered, and what the long term consequences will be for the injured victim due to the accident.

There are a great number of benefits for Californians in having more individuals ride their bicycles. But for such an activity to flourish, we need to make the roadways safe for these individuals.

Source: Menlo Park-Atherton Patch, "Court Date Set for Man Who Hit Cyclist and Drove Off," by Jennifer VanDerKleut, Jan. 8, 2013

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