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Dog bites off portion of child's nose

Though this incident did not occur in California, it does demonstrate the dangers that come about when a dog attacks a person. A pit bull attacked a 10-year old boy and ended up swallowing a portion of the boy's nose.

The hospital where the boy was treated took extraordinary measures in treating the boy. The pit bull was euthanized and a veterinarian was able to retrieve the child's nose from the stomach of the pit bull. Surgeons at the hospital were able to reattach the nose, and the boy was listed in good condition following the surgery.

Apparently, three children were playing with the dog just prior to the attack occurring. Though the dog owner thought the dog had settled down once the children began settling down, the dog then lunged at the boy. Since the portion of the nose could not be located, authorities finally realized that the dog had swallowed it.

After such an attack, we'd hesitate to call the young boy fortunate. However, most victims will not be so lucky to have authorities follow up on what occurred or a medical team available that could have performed such a complicated procedure. Victims of dog attacks - especially attacks that involve the face of the victim - are often left with permanent scarring and injuries.

Dog owners need to closely supervise children when they are playing with their pets. In some circumstances, it's best to prevent any interaction at all between the dog and the children.

If someone is injured due to a dog attack, it might be a good idea to consult with an attorney familiar with dog bite cases. Such attorneys understand that insurance companies often cover such type of claims, and these attorneys can negotiate with such companies for a settlement.

Source: Courier Press, "Henderson boy treated after dog bites off, swallows his nose," Jan. 10, 2013

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