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January 2013 Archives

Toyota wrongful death lawsuits proceed

Following up on a prior post on this blog, Toyota is in the process of settling many wrongful death and personal injury lawsuits involving the reported unintended acceleration of certain Toyota vehicles. One wrongful death lawsuit involved the death of a California High Patrol officer and three of his family members.

Truck driver illegally drives down parkway and strikes motorcycle

Many accidents could have been avoided if certain drivers had simply followed the laws that have been put in place for traffic safety. Unfortunately, not all drivers believe that these laws apply to them.

Driver leaves scene after California bicycle accident

We hear over and over about bicyclists being struck by motor vehicles only to have the driver of the motor vehicle leave the scene of the accident. Such a circumstance happened again where a California bicyclist was struck and thrown from his bicycle, and the driver only stopped for a moment before then leaving the scene.

Epidemic of hit-and-run accidents in Los Angeles

The Los Angeles City Council is concerned that too many hit-and-run cases are occurring, and one member of the council asked that the Los Angeles Police Department come up with a plan as to how to crackdown upon these offenders. A recent probe reported that drivers were fleeing as many as 48 percent of car accidents they were personally involved in. Nationwide, the average is 11 percent.

California motorcycle rider killed in Los Angeles County

Just recently, a rider from La Puente in Los Angeles County was killed when a vehicle turned directly in front of the motorcycle. The accident occurred at the intersection of Fullerton Road and Arenth Avenue in Industry, about 30 miles northeast of Long Beach. Apparently, the motorcycle rider died at the scene of the crash.

California police officer injured by driver that ran a red light

A Southern California police officer was seriously injured while in his patrol car. However, the officer was not injured while engaged in a high speed chase. Instead, the patrol car was crossing an intersection when a driver of a pickup truck drove through a red light and crashed into the driver's side of the patrol car.

California bicycle and pedestrian fatalities increasing

A federal report reveals that traffic deaths are up in California. More specifically, pedestrian death rates due to motor vehicle accidents are up by 3 percent, and bicyclist deaths are the roadways are up by 9 percent.

Wrongful death lawsuit against Toyota to be tried in California

A wrongful death lawsuit has currently been filed against Toyota. Though the case was originally filed along the east coast, it has now been moved to California to be tried in conjunction with a number of similar cases.