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Long Beach man in wheelchair killed in hit-and-run accident

For family members of individuals killed in hit and run accidents, resolving how an accident occurred involves much more than simple compensation for their losses. Often, these family members need closure so that they can get on with their own lives.

Long Beach police are now asking for assistance in identifying the driver of a vehicle that apparently crashed into a man in a wheelchair and subsequently killing this individual. The car accident took the life of a 55-year old quadriplegic who was trying to make his way across Artesia Boulevard at where it intersects with Rose Avenue.

The wheelchair bound man died several hours after the accident occurred. The family members have held a press conference pleading for anyone to come forward and identify the driver responsible for this accident.

The driver of the vehicle apparently stopped one block away from where the accident occurred, he then got back into his vehicle and drove away. Though police have had a number of tips concerning vehicles that fit the description of the one involved in the accident, they have been unable to resolve this matter.

Personal injury attorneys are there to help these families investigate the matter, seek compensation for financial losses and resolve this matter so that the family is not left at a loss in knowing what occurred. These attorneys will do all that they can to put the family back in as close to the same position as if the accident never occurred - of course, never being able to make up for the family's loss.

Sadly, these sorts of accidents happen too often. At least resolving these matters may at least be able to get these drivers off of the road.

Source: NBC Los Angeles, "Family of Man Killed in Long Beach Hit and Run Asks for Public's Help," by Lolita Lopez, Dec. 13, 2012

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