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Frank Pastore injured in motorcycle accident

Former major league baseball pitcher, Frank Pastore, was critically injured in a motorcycle accident that happened along the 210 Freeway near the Los Angeles area. According to the California highway patrol, the car drifted over and struck Mr. Pastore and he was then ejected from the motorcycle. The reason for why the car drifted over is unknown.

The former player is now listed in critical condition, and he has been in a coma since the time that the motorcycle accident occurred. It does not appear that neither he nor the driver were under the influence of alcohol or drugs at the time that the accident occurred.

Such an accident will likely require a great deal of investigation to determine precisely what happened. Motorcycle accidents on a freeway can happen for a variety of reasons including distracted driving, a mechanical problem, blind spots, a failure to check to see if the other lane is occupied, etc.

Not surprisingly, these types of accidents often result in severe or even fatal accidents. And head trauma is often a common injury when these types of collisions occur as there is only so much the rider can do to protect themselves from head injuries under these circumstances. Head and brain trauma are complicated types of injures, and recovery is often difficult to predict.

There are attorneys whose practice area focuses in on investigating and litigating motorcycle accidents. These attorneys not only can work on reconstructing the motorcycle accident, they can also calculate what sorts of compensation the injured party and family may be eligible in receiving.

Source: Glendora Patch, "KKLA Christian Radio Host Remains in Critical Condition," by Hazel Lodevico-To'o, Nov. 26, 2012

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