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Family to file wrongful death claim after son dies in infected lake

By filing a wrongful death lawsuit, families in California who have lost loved ones can sometimes uncover much-needed answers about why their loved one is no longer with them.

Without a thorough investigation, and the possibility of holding someone responsible for a wrongful death, sometimes family members can be left without closure, or a sense of justice, especially if they believe that the death may have resulted from someone else's negligence.

These are most likely among some of the reasons behind why the family of a now-deceased 9-year-old boy is filing a wrongful death lawsuit.

Their son died in August of this year after swimming in a public lake. The 9-year-old boy died from a water-borne disease that derived from the amoeba Naegleria fowleri, which led to meningitis after the boy swam in the lake only one week before. The family believed that it was safe to swim in this water when it was not.

The family is hoping to hold the city and the county responsible for his death. They are not just seeking $1.5 million, but they are also hoping for signs to be posted on all swimming facilities warning of the dangerous hazard and informing swimmers that the water in the lake is not chlorinated. Whether the city will submit to this request is yet to be determined.

One of the reasons that that the family is planning to file this wrongful death lawsuit is because only two years prior another child, a seven-year-old girl, also died of the same deadly infection after swimming in the same lake. If the city had posted warning signs after the first death, then swimmers and their parents could have been on notice about the potential risk and taken the appropriate precautions.

Source: Pioneer Press, "Stillwater: Family will sue in death of 9-year-old who swam in Lily Lake," Mary Divine, Dec. 13, 2012

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