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Dog scheduled to be euthanized after biting two women

Most people love animals, but when an animal bites you it can make you wary of all animals. But for the owners of these animals that have bitten people, their beloved pet may have to be euthanized.

This is the case for a dog named Bolt, who is scheduled to be euthanized after biting two women in the face. The owner of the dog is hoping a judge will issue a stay so that she can have Bolt's classification removed as a vicious dog and spare his life.

The two victims may feel differently. The dog was impounded back in November after it bit two people after two separate incidents at the owner's home. At the time of the attacks the women were sitting at eye-level and were petting the dog when they were bitten and the injuries they sustained were extensive. One woman required a staple in her chin while the other required stitches to close puncture wounds on both sides of her face.

An administrative hearing was conducted at the end of November and it was decided that Bolt was a vicious dog and it was recommended that the dog be euthanized.

Under California law a severe animal bite injury is any bite that results in "muscle tears or disfiguring lacerations or requires sutures or corrective cosmetic surgery." Dog owners are required by law to report any dog bite that breaks the skin. The owner of Bolt did not file a report about either incident, but the women who were bitten filed reports with animal control.

While it's a tough situation for the owner to possibly lose a beloved pet, public safety is paramount.

Source: The Modesto Bee, "Hearing to decide Turlock dog's fate," Marijke Rowland, Dec. 7, 2012

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