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Attempts to reduce number of pedestrian accidents in LA

A number of intersections in Los Angeles have been undergoing a number of renovations in hopes of reducing the number of pedestrian and bicycle accidents that occur in the city. The 53 intersections in question involve approximately 5 percent of the number of pedestrian accidents that occur every year.

It is estimated that about a third of all traffic fatalities in the Los Angeles area are related to pedestrian accidents. This is almost three times the national average. The number of bicycle accidents in the area is also almost double of what it is in other areas.

The average cost for improvements to each of these intersections is around $2,500 a crosswalk. These changes will also include educational information that will be posted on billboards and in bus shelters.

Though this is certainly a step in the right direction, it's likely that a number of other intersections will continue to remain problem areas. Too many pedestrian accidents are occurring that involve much more than isolated intersections. Often these accidents are coming about due to the carelessness of drivers on the street.

For individuals injured in pedestrian accidents, they may wish to speak to a personal injury attorney that can advise them of their options. Certain of these attorneys can investigate what had occurred, understand the application of traffic laws in the Los Angeles and greater California area, and can help make certain that medical expenses and wage losses are covered.

Hopefully, the changes to these intersections will help reduce the number of injuries and fatalities. But until all of these accidents are prevented, personal injury lawsuits will continue to be filed to hold careless drivers accountable.

Source: KPCC, "Dangerous intersections: LA gets a few crosswalk makeovers, but are they in the right places?" by Chris Keller, Dec. 18, 2012

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