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December 2012 Archives

Dog attacks reduced when pets are spayed

Though there is no guarantee that any one particular step will prevent all dog bites and attacks from occurring, certain steps could significantly reduce the numbers of such incidents occurring. It is estimated that 92 percent of fatal dog attacks involve male dogs, and 94 percent of those male dogs were not neutered at the time of the attacks.

California motorcycle rider's injuries persist

We've said many times that the most frequent excuse that motorists give when involved in an accident with a motorcycle is that they did not see the motorcycle approaching. This occurs at intersections and on expressways when drivers are changing lanes. Often, the driver of a vehicle simply cuts the motorcycle off.

Long Beach man in wheelchair killed in hit-and-run accident

For family members of individuals killed in hit and run accidents, resolving how an accident occurred involves much more than simple compensation for their losses. Often, these family members need closure so that they can get on with their own lives.

Attempts to reduce number of pedestrian accidents in LA

A number of intersections in Los Angeles have been undergoing a number of renovations in hopes of reducing the number of pedestrian and bicycle accidents that occur in the city. The 53 intersections in question involve approximately 5 percent of the number of pedestrian accidents that occur every year.

Family to file wrongful death claim after son dies in infected lake

By filing a wrongful death lawsuit, families in California who have lost loved ones can sometimes uncover much-needed answers about why their loved one is no longer with them.

Two brothers die at California composting facility

A California facility where two brothers died has filed a claim against a county because that county is attempting to shut the facility down. The two brothers died while attempting to clean out a drainage shaft at the facility.

Frank Pastore injured in motorcycle accident

Former major league baseball pitcher, Frank Pastore, was critically injured in a motorcycle accident that happened along the 210 Freeway near the Los Angeles area. According to the California highway patrol, the car drifted over and struck Mr. Pastore and he was then ejected from the motorcycle. The reason for why the car drifted over is unknown.

Chimpanzee attack lawsuit settled

Whatever else pet owners may happen to think, pets are not people and should not be treated as such. Recently, a lawsuit was settled for $4 million concerning a woman that was disfigured due to an attack by a chimpanzee. The matter was settled by the estate of the chimpanzee owner that has since died in 2010.