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Train out of Los Angeles involved in fatal crash

A train that recently left the Los Angeles area was involved in an accident that injured 16 people and resulted in the deaths of four veterans. The train apparently struck a float that was involved in a parade, and it was reported that 26 people were on the float or the vehicle transporting the float when it was struck.

The accident is being investigated by a National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) team made up of various individuals, and many involved in the team are from the California area. Among other things, investigators are looking into whether the crossing arms and lights were properly functioning when the crash occurred.

The train in question apparently had two locomotives and 84 loaded cars. It was reported to be 7,243 feet long. Also, the lights were claimed to be working at the time of the collision, and it is claimed that the train had been sounding its horn.

Determining how such an accident occurred will require a great deal of analysis, and officials stated it may take as long as a year before the investigation of this accident is complete. This will involve interviewing of witnesses, checking on the functionality of the railroad lights and signals, reviewing film footage (which apparently is existent), and finding out what information railroad officials and parade organizers had concerning traffic at the location of the crash. It's not simple, and any conclusions concerning the accident will need to be reviewed by attorneys representing injured parties and family members.

One thing does seem obvious. This type of accident should never have occurred. Often, determinations as to exactly what occurred cannot be made until the entire matter is tried in court. The purpose of personal injury and wrongful death lawsuits are to make certain that these types of crashes never occur again.

Source: KCBD, "16 Hospitalized, Four Veterans Killed in Train Wreck in Midland," Nov. 16, 2012

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