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Motorcycle rider killed at Long Beach intersection

An accident in the Long Beach area resulted in the death of a motorcycle rider. The motorcycle accident took place at the corner of Carson Street and Conquista Avenue. Apparently the driver of a van while driving south on Conquista made a left turn onto Carson Street, and this was when the collision took place.

The motorcycle rider suffered major head trauma and died at the scene of the crash. Though the rider apparently was not wearing a helmet that was certified by the Department of Transportation, it was not clear as to whether this would have made any difference concerning the circumstances.

Drivers often assume a motorcycle is not present because they do not see them in their mirrors or check out every blind spot. Sometimes drivers go through stop signs or turn into an intersection without closely checking to see if a motorcycle is approaching the intersection.

Families of victims involved in fatal motorcycle crashes will want the accident investigated as early as possible in order to make sure that witness recollections of the crash are clear. Still, no matter how straight forward these types of accidents happen to be, severe injuries or fatalities to the motorcycle rider will generally be the outcome. Victims involved in such accidents and their family members will require assistance and counseling including advice from an attorney.

The most noteworthy aspect of this accident is that the driver of the car likely did not see the motorcyclist, but this seems almost commonplace because this happens in so many other motorcycle fatalities as well. Drivers need to pay adequate attention to motorcycles that are sharing the road.

Source: Mercury News, "Long Beach crash claims life of motorcyclist," Oct. 25, 2012

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