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Investigating dog attacks

We're beginning to see more of a focus upon dog attacks. This includes individuals that specialize in investigating what happened concerning a dog attack occurrence - and especially fatal dog attacks.

For example, two California individuals have made a business out of providing forensic evaluations and expert testimony for attorneys during trial and trial preparations. A former law enforcement officer also spends a great deal of his time determining what should be done in the event of a dog attack.

The former officer has worked on 17 fatal dog bite and dog attack cases. He has also been a presenter at a number of seminars at awareness seminars regarding dog bites.

Interestingly, this authority does not always feel it's necessary to euthanize the dog after an attack has occurred. He believes that in almost all dog attack occurrences that there was human error involved.

In one circumstance where a 2-year old boy was killed, he found the dog had been improperly cared for or trained, and it had not been taught how to socialize with people. The dog had been encouraged by the owner to be aggressive, and it had already bitten five adults before fatally attacking the child.

Because human behavior plays such an important role in the prevention of dog attacks, attorneys will hold dog owners liable when dog attacks occurred. Often in these cases, certain individuals simply were not prepared to take on the responsibility of dog ownership and likely should have been discouraged from purchasing a dog to begin with - especially those breeds often associated with dog attacks.

Source: Huffington Post, "Retired Deputy has 2nd career probing dog attacks," by Tamara Lush, Oct. 19, 2012

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