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High rate of bicycle accidents in Los Angeles area

There were 89 bicyclists reported killed in California during 2010. A study also has shown that 2.8 percent of fatalities in the Los Angeles area involve bicyclists. And Pasadena is in the bottom quarter of cities for bicycle safety in the state for cities with similar populations.

The number of bicycle accidents has been attributed to the rise in the population, but there are likely other factors involved as well. "Drivers don't look for bikes and we almost are invisible," one bike rider was quoted as saying. This rider felt that every bike rider in the area has come very close to being involved in a serious bicycle accident.

Many bicycle riders do not feel safe riding in Los Angeles. Others believe that how safe one feels is dependent upon the bicycle route taken.

The excuse by a motorist that they did not see the bicyclist is unfortunately the same excuse handed out when a pedestrian or motorcycle rider is struck as well. Drivers do need to understand that bicycle riders have the right to be on the road, and that some riders rely on their bicycles to take them to and from their jobs. Many that are injured or killed in bicycle accidents are young in age or have families to support.

Often times, an experienced attorney that has handled a number of bicycle and pedestrian cases can help victims of bicycle accidents somewhat recover damages from injuries sustained. Personal injury attorneys can investigate bicycle accidents and make a determination as to whether a driver was at fault for what occurred, and also determine which parties are in the best position to compensate the victim.

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