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Driver cuts off tractor-trailer on major freeway

Drivers that are inattentive or who take foolish chances often end up injuring other people besides themselves. Recently, a Toyota that was being driven on Long Beach Freeway 710 apparently changed lanes and forced a tractor-trailer to swerve. This subsequently caused the tractor-trailer to strike a Mercedes, the Mercedes then struck a Honda, the Honda went into a spin and struck the truck, and the truck then toppled over and spilled approximately 5,000 gallons of asphalt onto the roadway.

Three people were injured during the accident. Considering the types and numbers of vehicles involved in the crash, it was fortunate that many more people were not injured as well.

Drivers too often make the assumption that the other driver is paying sufficient attention, or that the other driver can come quickly to a stop. Obviously, the rules are different when it comes to operating a tractor-trailer, and other drivers do not always appreciate the difficulties that such operation can entail.

Tractor-trailers are difficult to bring to a stop, to maneuver quickly, or to operate in heavily trafficked areas. Also, such trucks can inflict a great deal more damage on other vehicles on the road. Anyone that decides to drive out on a Los Angeles area freeway should understand this, and drivers that do not appreciate the dangers in failing to pay sufficient attention to such vehicles need to be held accountable.

Probably more than any place in the United States, Los Angeles drivers need to drive responsibly. For those injured due to the carelessness of others, there are attorneys experienced in trying car accident cases that can help them recover.

Source: Contra Costa Times, "Long Beach Freeway: Big rig hauling hot asphalt crashes in Bell Gardens, 3 hurt," by Joe Segura, Nov. 20, 2012

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