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November 2012 Archives

Driver cuts off tractor-trailer on major freeway

Drivers that are inattentive or who take foolish chances often end up injuring other people besides themselves. Recently, a Toyota that was being driven on Long Beach Freeway 710 apparently changed lanes and forced a tractor-trailer to swerve. This subsequently caused the tractor-trailer to strike a Mercedes, the Mercedes then struck a Honda, the Honda went into a spin and struck the truck, and the truck then toppled over and spilled approximately 5,000 gallons of asphalt onto the roadway.

Driver of car involved in bicycle accident flees the scene

The Los Angeles police are searching for a driver that struck a bicyclist and then sped away from the scene of the crash. The bicycle rider was struck at approximately 1:30 a.m. at the intersection of Vermont Avenue and 36th Street near Exposition Park.

Train out of Los Angeles involved in fatal crash

A train that recently left the Los Angeles area was involved in an accident that injured 16 people and resulted in the deaths of four veterans. The train apparently struck a float that was involved in a parade, and it was reported that 26 people were on the float or the vehicle transporting the float when it was struck.

Motorcyclist injured in hit-and-run crash in Studio City

A motorcyclist suffered a broken leg and other injuries during a hit-and-run accident that occurred in Studio City. According to Los Angeles police, the motorcyclist was heading northward along Ventura Boulevard when a Porsche Cayenne veered into the motorcyclist's lane. The collision then forced the motorcycle into a power pole.

Long Beach crash involves emergency medical providers

Car accidents happen for a large number of reasons, but many of accident causes involve human carelessness. Drivers sometimes are in a hurry, will try making their way through traffic while texting and driving at the same time, or are driving aggressively and refusing to yield the right of way.

High rate of bicycle accidents in Los Angeles area

There were 89 bicyclists reported killed in California during 2010. A study also has shown that 2.8 percent of fatalities in the Los Angeles area involve bicyclists. And Pasadena is in the bottom quarter of cities for bicycle safety in the state for cities with similar populations.

California yacht crash may result in wrongful death lawsuit

A man on a racing crew died recently during a yacht race that began in Newport and then proceeded along the California coast. According to the coroner's report, the crew member died from what was described as blunt-force injuries to the head and neck after the yacht crashed into an island.

Motorcycle rider killed at Long Beach intersection

An accident in the Long Beach area resulted in the death of a motorcycle rider. The motorcycle accident took place at the corner of Carson Street and Conquista Avenue. Apparently the driver of a van while driving south on Conquista made a left turn onto Carson Street, and this was when the collision took place.