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Ten people injured in Long Beach downtown crash

Ten people were taken to the hospital following a Long Beach accident involving two cars and a city bus. An Audi traveling westbound on Seventh Street struck a Ford compact car on the passenger side. Unable to avoid a collision, the bus then struck the Audi.

The car accident occurred during the morning hours. Paramedics were called to the scene to provide assistance, that the fire department was also arrived at the accident site. The driver in the Ford had telephoned that he had sustained a neck injury in the accident as well.

With the amount of traffic and pedestrians we have in the downtown area, any type of distraction, inattention or recklessness on the part of drivers can lead to a large number of injuries. There are almost always going to be more than one vehicle in the event that an accident occurs at an intersection.

Traffic accidents can set off a chain reaction involving many different types of vehicles. As in the above incident, a bus being present can lead to additional problems. Buses tend to be large and cumbersome, difficult to bring to a stop, and containing individuals that are riding from one place to another. An accident that involves a bus and other vehicles will result in a significant amount of property damage as well.

Accidents like the one above are most often avoidable and generally do not occur without negligence on the part of a driver. For those injured in these types of accidents, the advice and counsel of a personal injury lawyer can lead to that party receiving compensation.

Source: Press Telegram, "Long Beach transit bus, cars collide downtown; 10 injured," by Joe Segura, Oct. 18, 2012

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