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Driverless cars in California?

Governor Jerry Brown signed into law a bill that would allow driverless cars on public roadways by September 25th. California is actually the third state to legalize such vehicles, and it's difficult to say how many more states will legalize these vehicles in the near future.

Many readers did not even know that this type of vehicle was this close to being put out on the actual roads. Apparently, Google has already been developing a fleet of devices that would allow vehicles to operate in this manner. Google claims that the vehicles have been test driven 300,000 miles with only one resulting car accident.

Hopefully, the promises that these vehicles will make roadways safer will come true. The prevention of car accidents alone would certainly make this type of technology worthwhile if it does actually add up to safer roadways.

Unfortunately, nothing ever works quite as well as first planned. Technology already placed in cars to make them safer has not eliminated traffic accidents or fatalities to the degree that we wish, though this technology has sometimes lessened the consequences when accidents occurred.

One can only imagine the consequences of what could occur if one of the computerized devices in a vehicle malfunctions. It's not likely that individuals in the vehicle will be paying proper attention to what is occurring on the roadways if that happens to occur. And whatever injuries happen to come about due to such a mishap, personal injury attorneys will want to hold someone or some entity accountable.

Source: breezejmu.org, "Computers taking the wheel in California," by Caroline Kelly, Oct. 3, 2012

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