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Clostridium difficile outbreak traced to California community

There have been a number of outbreaks regarding health related issues in recent months. Though meningitis and the West Nile virus have received more coverage, something called Clostridium difficile has been spreading around the California area.

The problem with this particular syndrome is that it's potentially deadly, and it appears that all but one of these cases have been contracted in a California hospital. Likely this will result in a number of wrongful death cases in the area.

As can be seen in other health outbreaks, sometimes health epidemics and outbreaks actually are began because of lack of safety protocol, poor hygiene, or patient exposure to diseases at health facilities. Sadly, patients being treated at these facilities for relatively minor health issues suddenly become sickened and even die as a result of poor treatment or exposure to disease.

Clostridium difficile has been more difficult to trace as it first appeared in the San Joaquin community and not at any facility. Many of the individuals affected were young adults and even children.

For individuals sickened due to the negligence of others, these individuals may wish to speak to attorneys concerning their available options. Because the source of diseases such as Clostridium difficile has been difficult to trace, it will require skilled professionals to trace the origin of the outbreak.

This outbreak of Clostridium difficile has not been widely reported because it's not considered a publicly reportable disease. Only hospitals need report this disease, and yet the disease is being discovered among patients in nursing homes and doctors' offices as well. Only about one quarter of Clostridium difficile patients discovered initially showed symptoms in the hospital.

Source: Recordnet.com, "Gaps exposed in tracking of C. difficile cases," by Deborah Schoch, Oct. 15, 2012

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