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Animals seized from Santa Ana home

There are some people that should not own pets. For example, there were more than 50 dogs and cats seized from a Santa Ana home that animal control workers had described as filthy. Many of the cats were flea-ridden, and most of these same animals suffered from mange.

It was more than just health issues that were of concern with these pets, however. A number of the cats were described as feral, and the rescue workers were often subjected to animal attacks where the cats would attempt to strike at their faces. The combination of poor sanitary conditions, the spreading of disease among the animals, and the aggressive behavior of the pets placed animal rescue workers in danger.

Instead of attacking rescue workers that were at least somewhat prepared to remove animals from the home, these pets could just as well have attacked a small child or elderly person. These pets may also attack other individual's pets and possibly spread disease.

Animal control workers apparently had been trying to work with the owner of the home for a number of months to clean the home up. However, since the homeowner was uncooperative, the next step was to have the animals seized.

Unfortunately, fines and other penalties seemed to do little to bring the owner of the pets into compliance with the law. Because of this, those injured in an animal attack may wish to seek the advice and counsel of an experienced personal injury attorney. Such attorneys can hold pet owners responsible for attacks as these owners ultimately are the ones responsible for the animal's care.

Source: The Inquisitr, "Animal Hoarding: More Than 50 Pets Removed From California Home," Oct. 25, 2012

  • If you have been injured by someone's pet, please see our Long Beach Lawyer website concerning dog bites and animal attacks.

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