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October 2012 Archives

Animals seized from Santa Ana home

There are some people that should not own pets. For example, there were more than 50 dogs and cats seized from a Santa Ana home that animal control workers had described as filthy. Many of the cats were flea-ridden, and most of these same animals suffered from mange.

Ten people injured in Long Beach downtown crash

Ten people were taken to the hospital following a Long Beach accident involving two cars and a city bus. An Audi traveling westbound on Seventh Street struck a Ford compact car on the passenger side. Unable to avoid a collision, the bus then struck the Audi.

Clostridium difficile outbreak traced to California community

There have been a number of outbreaks regarding health related issues in recent months. Though meningitis and the West Nile virus have received more coverage, something called Clostridium difficile has been spreading around the California area.

Motorcycle rider killed on south Los Angeles freeway

A motorcycle rider was killed on the Harbor (110) Freeway in the Los Angeles area. For some reason the motorcycle rider fell from the motorcycle or was otherwise lying in another lane, and because of this the rider was then run over by another driver that was traveling at about 70 miles per hour.

Can a county be held liable for a dog attack?

When it comes to dog attacks, it is not always clear as to what person or entity should be held accountable. A recent court of appeals order held that Los Angeles County would not be held liable for a pit bull attack that occurred in the area.

Driverless cars in California?

Governor Jerry Brown signed into law a bill that would allow driverless cars on public roadways by September 25th. California is actually the third state to legalize such vehicles, and it's difficult to say how many more states will legalize these vehicles in the near future.

Los Angeles has high rate of pedestrian and bicycle accidents

A recent study indicated that a high rate of pedestrians and bicyclists are killed in Los Angeles as compared to other major metropolitan areas. In Los Angeles, pedestrians accounted for approximately a third of all fatalities involving motor vehicles, and this is close to triple of the national average.

Long time California physician killed in hit-and-run crash

We need to understand precisely who the victims of hit-and-run accidents happen to be. Recently, a physician that practiced medicine in the Newport Beach area for close to 30 years was killed in a bicycle accident.