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Woman injured in California animal attack

There are laws against keeping certain animals as pets, but that doesn't seem to prevent some individuals from owning these creatures in any case. In San Luis Obispo, just north of the Los Angeles area, a pet monkey (known as a Javan macaque) that was kept illegally by a resident has now been put in quarantine after attacking a woman.

The animal attack resulted in numerous severe wounds to the victim's hands and arms. The bites of a Javan macaque are apparently similar to the bites that are inflicted by dogs. The monkey is expected to be kept in quarantine for at least 60 days.

"This kind of animal is never meant to be kept domestically," a San Luis Obispo County animal services manager stated. It is also apparent that the individual keeping the monkey as a pet did not know how to take care of the animal. The monkey was fed a diet of Frosted Flakes and juice.

If someone is injured in such an animal attack, they may wish to speak to a personal injury attorney that is experienced in trying these kinds of cases. These attorneys understand how to hold such animal owners and insurance companies liable for injuries inflicted in these type of matters.

Ultimately, it is the owner of the pet that is responsible for such attacks taking place. An animal attack by an illegally kept pet is entirely foreseeable, and such people generally do not have the facilities or resources to prevent such an animal from escaping.

Source: UPI.com, "Pet monkey detained after biting woman," September 8, 2012

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