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Long Beach girl dragged by vehicle of drunken driver

When the headline of a story mentions a girl on a bike being dragged around by a drunk driver, we understand immediately that we are dealing with an egregious circumstance. Apparently, the 15-year old girl was dragged several hundred feet by the automobile concerning a bicycle accident that occurred in Long Beach. Fortunately, the girl eventually separated from the vehicle, but the driver then left the scene of the crash.

It's difficult to say just how intoxicated the driver of the car actually was. Apparently, he later struck a parked car as well, though that didn't stop him from keeping on driving. The girl injured in the accident is currently recuperating for lacerations to her legs in what was described as "severe road rash."

There are a number of conclusions that can be made concerning this accident, but none that are favorable to the driver. The driver may not have even seen the bicycle rider at the time he struck her. However, this could be due in part to his being too intoxicated to pay attention.

On the other hand, the driver may have known that he injured another person, but he fled the scene of the accident in any case to avoid trouble. We would hope that this would not be the case, but such hit-and-run incidents are sadly all too common.

Attorneys can help the injured girl and her family members receive compensation for what occurred. This might involve dealing with the other driver's insurance company, or seeking out other avenues of recovery if the driver happens not to have any insurance.

Attorneys can help discovery how such an accident occurred. Still, none of us will probably ever understand the motives of the driver in leaving the scene of the accident.

Source: Long Beach Patch, "Police: Drunk Driver Dragged Girl on Bike," by Joseph Kellard, September 6, 2012

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