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Long Beach crash results in 5 people injured

A Long Beach accident resulted in five people being injured, and at least one of the persons injured was a young child that was standing on the sidewalk. The accident occurred on Willow Street at Earl Avenue after a pickup driver attempted to turn into a shopping lot parking lot and instead collided with a westbound Acura.

Apparently, the impact from the car accident was significant. The Acura was forced sideways into a power pole. A 12-year old female pedestrian standing next to the power pole was subsequently injured, and this girl was either struck by the vehicle or injured by debris.

The driver of the pickup was taken to the hospital. The individuals inside of the Acura had to be freed from the wreckage by firefighters. These two individuals were then sent to the trauma unit of a nearby emergency room. A third man in the Acura was able to escape the vehicle without assistance, but he was nevertheless taken to the hospital as well.

As none of the injuries in this car accident were life threatening, it was fortunate that the result of such a crash was not much worse. Before proceeding to make a turn, drivers of vehicles need to make certain that no other vehicles are approaching. And drivers especially need to understand that there should be no hurry in making such turns as a mistake can lead to a number of people being injured - including children and pedestrians.

The cause of these types of accidents may not always be as obvious as it first seems, and therefore such accidents do require investigation. Personal injury attorneys can garner the resources to reconstruct such an accident and make a determination as to whether one or both vehicle drivers were at fault.

Source: Press-Telegram, "Five people, including 12-year old girl, hurt in Long Beach crash," by Tracy Manzer, September 10, 2012

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