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Dog bites are costly and damaging

With over 5,000 attacks that took place nationwide in 2011, medical expenses from dog attacks upon postal workers approximated $1.2 million. Los Angeles led the nation for cities where the most animal attacks took place concerning postal workers, and it was reported that 83 of postal employees in Los Angeles were victims of dog bites and attacks. This is why the postal service has put so much emphasis into educating the public about animal attacks.

Yet it's children that are the major victims concerning such attacks. It is believed that children are three more times likely to be a victim of a dog attack than are adults. There are 4.7 million Americans bitten by dogs every year, and more than half of such victims are children.

Unfortunately, home owners do not always understand how their dogs will behave when approached by another individual. "Don't worry. My dog won't bite," is an assurance often given by dog owners. Nevertheless, the dog often attacks in any case.

Dogs will attack or bite for any number of reasons. It could be unhealthy, feel threatened, or be protective of its territory.

Dog attack injuries are often significant. Dogs may continue an attack until physically incapacitated, and the result will often be disfiguring injuries that can require multiple surgeries. And dog attacks account for more than a third of all homeowner insurance liability claims.

If someone is injured due to a dog attack, one should consider consulting with a lawyer familiar with dog bite cases. Such attorneys understand that insurance companies often cover such type of claims, and these attorneys can negotiate with such companies for a settlement.

Source: The Pyramid, "Responsible pet ownership key," August 30, 2012

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