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September 2012 Archives

Elderly woman involved in fatal crash, doctor is sued

A fatal California car crash that occurred in 2010 involved an 85-year old driver with dementia that accidentally steered her car into oncoming traffic and killed another individual. However, the court case taking place in Santa Ana does not involve the 85-year old woman. Instead, the defendant in the courtroom is the woman's physician.

Glendale police officer injured in motorcycle accident

The city of Glendale is suing a driver that struck a police officer riding a motorcycle on a local freeway. The officer sustained a number of bodily injuries, and a lawsuit has been filed by the city of Glendale in Los Angeles County Superior Court.

Woman injured in California animal attack

There are laws against keeping certain animals as pets, but that doesn't seem to prevent some individuals from owning these creatures in any case. In San Luis Obispo, just north of the Los Angeles area, a pet monkey (known as a Javan macaque) that was kept illegally by a resident has now been put in quarantine after attacking a woman.

Long Beach crash results in 5 people injured

A Long Beach accident resulted in five people being injured, and at least one of the persons injured was a young child that was standing on the sidewalk. The accident occurred on Willow Street at Earl Avenue after a pickup driver attempted to turn into a shopping lot parking lot and instead collided with a westbound Acura.

Long Beach girl dragged by vehicle of drunken driver

When the headline of a story mentions a girl on a bike being dragged around by a drunk driver, we understand immediately that we are dealing with an egregious circumstance. Apparently, the 15-year old girl was dragged several hundred feet by the automobile concerning a bicycle accident that occurred in Long Beach. Fortunately, the girl eventually separated from the vehicle, but the driver then left the scene of the crash.

Metrolink accident and federal cap on compensation

A Metrolink accident that occurred four years ago in Los Angeles County demonstrates how difficult it sometimes can be to successfully litigate a personal injury case. A federal cap on amounts that can be recovered has left some feeling that the award in the case was inadequate.

Family seeks identity of suspect in hit-and run crash

The family and friends of a motorcycle rider injured in a California hit-and-run accident are asking the public for help in identifying the driver that left the scene of the crash. The 58-year old motorcycle rider was badly injured in the motorcycle accident as he suffered eight broken ribs, a collapsed lung, broken scapula and broken elbow.

Dog bites are costly and damaging

With over 5,000 attacks that took place nationwide in 2011, medical expenses from dog attacks upon postal workers approximated $1.2 million. Los Angeles led the nation for cities where the most animal attacks took place concerning postal workers, and it was reported that 83 of postal employees in Los Angeles were victims of dog bites and attacks. This is why the postal service has put so much emphasis into educating the public about animal attacks.