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Widow and 2 children seek closure in father's wrongful death

There are few sensations that can remind of us our childhood as well as the act of flying downhill on a bike, with the warm California air whipping past. Out for a ride last fall with 14 other members of a biking club, one California rider had not only this moment of youthfulness, but rather his life, abruptly ended.

The California bicyclist was killed when he struck a rut in the Oakland road that he was riding on. Due to the bicyclist's velocity, the impact of connecting with the rut ejected the victim, putting him in the path of a car traveling in the opposite direction. Even though the victim was wearing a helmet, the impact with the car proved to be fatal.

The victim was a beloved husband and father. Now his wife is left to raise two girls without a father. Accordingly, the surviving family is suing the City of Oakland for the wrongful death caused by the rut in the road.

Reportedly, there is record of two separate complaints issued to the Oakland Public Works Department regarding the disrepair of the road that killed the father of two. One of these complains was issued just months before the father's untimely death.

If the family is successful with their case, they could be awarded compensation that covers both some of the emotional and financial distress this situation caused. Funeral and burial expenses, as well as loss of financial support would be covered. Although it is more difficult to quantify the emotional pain of the wife and children, compensation may work toward giving the family a sense of justice.

Source: Alameda Patch, "Family of Alameda Cyclist Sues Oakland for Wrongful Death," July 31, 2012

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