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Two noteworthy California bicycle incidents

There have been a couple of incidents in California regarding bicycle riders that are worth noting. In one instance, a 34-year old woman was killed when a truck driver crashed into her bicycle. In another instance, a visibly upset driver chased a bicyclist onto a golf course with his car.

Neither story is particularly surprising as bicycle accidents have become increasingly common, and drivers on the road do not always respect the rights of bicycle riders. There are at least a handful of California communities, including Los Angeles, that now have in place ordinances allowing bicycle riders to bring civil lawsuits against drivers harassing bicycle riders.

There are reasons why harassment lawsuits are now available for bicycle riders. Sadly, police detectives often do not get around to immediately investigating bicycle accidents possibly because law enforcement officers have their hands full with other matters. Yet since the injuries suffered by bicycle riders are often extremely serious and life-threatening, accidents involving riders do deserve attention.

It's worth noting that many Long Beach commuters are traveling to work by bicycle for a number of reasons. Some do it because they live close to their workplace, and would like to pay less for gas. Others ride their bikes because it is good exercise. Some ride their bikes out of environmental concerns. And others ride their bikes to work simply because it's a more enjoyable way to travel than having to maneuver through the traffic we have in the California area.

Attorneys experienced in the area of personal injury do have the resources to conduct individual investigations concerning such matters. Attorneys can often reconstruct what has occurred and line up a series of experts to testify at trial. If no defendant is to be found, attorneys can nevertheless assist injured victims in finding the funding they need for medical care, wage losses and a variety of other expenses.

Source: The Bay Citizen, "One cyclist killed in crash, another chased onto a golf course," by Andy Wright, August 17, 2012

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