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Two dogs escaping from same property attack 4 people

Not one, but two dogs belonging to the same owner escaped and were left roaming the streets of Los Angeles. According to Los Angeles County Animal Control, the two dogs then proceeded to bite four different people.

Not surprisingly, one of the dogs was a pit bull. The other dog involved in the dog attack happened to be a Siberian Husky. The dogs are currently being held in quarantine, and being checked for rabies.

One of the victims of the attack was an 11-year old boy. The boy perceived one of the dogs attempting to escape underneath a gate, and then the next thing the boy knew was that he was bit on the arm.

Next, a jogger came down the street and was bitten on the right hand. Then a 62-year old man saw this same Husky, but while looking at the Husky he was instead attacked by the pit bull. Finally, a transient individual was also bitten by one of the dogs.

Attorneys view such attacks from the perspective of how much could have been done to prevent injuries from ever occurring. Knowing that such dogs present dangers to the public, such owners need to take the steps to prevent such dogs from escaping. Generally this can be done with a minimum of expense.

Ultimately, the owner of the dogs is as much at fault for the attacks as is the dog's disposition. As one of the victims involved in the attack stated, "It's unacceptable because if a small child had been around it could have been worse. As an owner, you need to make sure your dogs are secure."

Source: Whittier Daily News, "Two dogs, including a pit bull, bite four people in uptown," by Venusse Navid, July 16, 2012

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