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Motorcycle rider killed in hit-and-run accident

A motorcycle rider was killed recently in the Long Beach area after being struck by a BMW. The injuries at first appeared to be non-life threatening, but the rider eventually did die.

Witnesses did attempt to follow the BMW after the motorcycle accident occurred, but the vehicle eluded the followers while it sped away. At no time did the BMW come to a stop or the BMW driver do anything to attempt to assist the injured rider.

While such an accident will often cause motorcycle riders devastating injuries, often time is of the essence to get such injuries treated. However, when hit-and-run vehicles strike such a rider and make no attempt to assist, a delay in medical treatment could ultimately result in a fatality occurring.

An additional difficulty can also result due to such accidents. Injured parties and family members often accrue medical expenses. At the same time, family members may be dependent upon the financial support of the motorcycle rider. Such family members may not know where to turn to make up for the lost compensation - especially when the responsible party may not be found.

Attorneys can help injured riders and family members at least receive compensation for what has occurred. Such attorneys can work with insurance companies and locate other sources of revenue to help family members out.

Motorcycle accidents are common, and many such accidents occur because other riders simply do not pay attention to such vehicles on the road. But while indifference to the presence of motorcycles is one thing, indifference to a rider after an accident has actually occurred is much, much worse.

Source: Contra Costa Times, "Police seek driver of black BMW in fatal motorcycle hit-and-run in Long Beach," by Phillip Zonkel, July 26, 2012

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